Robert Primeau (kaiaphas) wrote in insanecats,
Robert Primeau

Cat Allergy Question

I'm a prospective future cat owner and a cat person, but unfortunately I'm also quite allergic to them.  I've been looking into more proactive ways of dealing with the hay fever and throat-closing-up than just allegra or histamine blockers if I was to get a cat, such as immunotherapy.  However, a few days ago, I was visiting someone at a ferret rescue shelter ( if you are in the Detroit area and want to adopt a fuzzie)  and they had mentioned that there are these drops you can get from the vet that go into your cat's food, and after a while they'll counteract the materials in the cat's saliva that causes the reaction. 

I was curious if anyone here has any experience with this, knows what it is called, how much, and if it works.  Two people at the shelter swore by it but I havn't been able to find anything on it?

Failing that, anyone try immunotherapy for cats?

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