They all Lie (boka_cheka) wrote in insanecats,
They all Lie

Hey guys, I have something of a plea for all of you.

I don't really expect anything to come of this, but tis the season...

my roommate and i rescued a kitten from a sewer drain under our driveway last week. she's about 10 weeks old (must have been around 8 when we found her) and the sweetest little thing ever.

sadly, her tail is crushed in two places.

her tail has died and is beginning to rot.

she chews on it and then meows in pain, then continues chewing.

we went to the vet yesterday and he refuses to work with her until she gets her shots. that's something we have to do anyway, but the kicker is that we have to get the tail AMPUTATED.

This means we're looking at a bill of almost 700 dollars.

he's asked that we have 400 today. 400 dollars! i work at a gas station! my roommate is unemployed!! we're freakin' college students!!

so I implore of you... if you have it in your heart or your wallet to spare some money.. 5 bucks, even.. we'd appreciate it so much. more importantly, our kitty will appreciate it.

I wouldn't ask if it wasn't so important.

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