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Insane cats?

Hi, I'm new. I think this picture of my cat Felix says it all:

He's insane all right,  he does the strangest things. I must get a picture of him doing this, I let him drink left over water or milk from the glass that I drink from but he can't put his face in so you know how he drinks it? He sticks his paw inside the glass and licks it off his paw! We are amazed at it. The funny thing is,  that's how he drinks water sometimes from his bowl.  I will catch him sticking his paw in the water bowl! He does drink the normal way but also does this,  it is very funny.

He does the usual insane cat things too.... look:

Anyway, great community! I'm glad I found it!
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I had a cat that would only drink from the running water from a certain faucet in the house...he would creen his neck to one side while laying his body really flat on the counter, and streach out his tounge as far as it would go, barely getting to the water. And if for some reason his wiskers would get wet, he would stop, wash his face, and start all over again. I never stopped being amused by this!