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I have six cats. I also have quite a few other animals. =)

I've had Gypsy more than a year. She's the sweetest, most mild-mannered cat ever.

Gypsy was born in early September 2002. She came to Cats In Need with her four sisters, when they were three and a half weeks old. Flea infested and filthy, these little girls had respiratory infections and their eyes were so gunky they could barely open them. They were all malnourished and underfed. A man dropped them off on one of our adoption days at the local Petsmart. He barely spoke English, but told us their mother had been hit by a car and killed and he didn't want them. The ladies ran out to the parking lot to keep my mother from leaving, so they could convince her to foster them. My mom called home and my dad let me take in these five girls. [At that time, we were caring for a 2 day old all-black kitten, as well as 4 month cat whom we still have. I was also fostering three cats for a friend of a friend.] After a trip to the vet, Laura was dropping them off at my house. We kept them in a large dog carrier for about a week, trying to prevent them from getting the other cats sick.

Gypsy was definitely the prettiest, we all thought she'd be the first to go. The others were: Angel [Runt, Rogue], Sabe, Padme, and Spot. Padme and Sabe went first, then Spot. We decided to keep the runt of the litter, who'd by that time lost the name Angel and was still called "Runt". Cats In Need just couldn't find a suitable home for Little Miss Gypsy. The last time I went to pick her up from the store, she was just so happy to see me. She'd felt alone all day. We decided to keep her, because we knew she was happy with our cats and happy in our home. Most of the cats are considered mine, but Gypsy actually wants to be mine. When she was little, her sisters would sleep on my face, so I'd move them. But we worked it out so she'd sleep next to my head. She's done it ever since.

When I decided to adopt a puppy this spring [when you have 6 cats and a dog, you only want to introduce young dogs, to make it easier on them], my greatest concern was Gypsy. Would Gypsy be alright with a puppy sleeping in my room with us? How would she react? It took her a few days to get used to the idea. But now that the dog wants to sleep ON the bed with us, Gypsy's managed to cope alright. I also brought home a bird in August. Gypsy is the ONLY cat who gets along with the bird. Since the first bird, I brought in two more. She is mild mannered and sweet. I've taken Othello [the only friendly cockatiel] out for a while, and Gypsy's appeared from a hiding spot, only to fall back asleep.

If we take Othello outside, Gypsy literally throws herself out the door after him. She'd never done that before! She's very attached to her bird. Othello's her favorite, but she likes Dante and Regan Juliet too. And Gypsy's sitting next to me, while I write up her life story. Gypsy is still small. So is her sister. They had plenty to eat once we got them, but the vets figured that from being malnourished for the beginning of their lives, they'll always be small. She's like a miniature cat compared to some of my others.

Gypsy is leash trained, and indoors only. We take her to the pet store occasionally, and everyone just loves her. She's friendly with visitors. A little cautious, but friendly. My sister made her a Halloween bandana to match the puppy's. They ran around the house together looking so cute.

I turn a little kitty into a LONG journal entry. I'm sorry. =) I'm a proud kitty owner.

I wanted to say Gypsy is insane because she loves the birds more than anything. Other cats try to eat them. Gypsy just likes to be around them, and sleep on their cages. =)

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