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Amber Story

Amber is probably about 3 years old. She is an orange and white tabby cat that we simply found sleeping on our front porch last spring. At first, she wouldnt come near any of us and would run away if we got close. But, we started to put food out for her and a kitty bed. One day while sitting outside, she just wandered up to my grandfather and hopped on his lap purring. Slowly over time, we introduced her into the house. She was very apprehensive about it at first...stepping in for only a few minutes and then running back out. As the weather got colder though, the more indoors she enjoyed. She is happy here now and only goes out if absolutely necessary and we allow her that. You can take the cat out of the wild, but not the wild out of the cat. She's a good girl and very loving. Happy she found us.
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