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YAY Kitties

Hello. This is my first post with Insanecats. Great idea for a community.

The photo I am using for this post is Samantha, a pure bred bluepoint siamese. Sammy passed away of Kidney failure a little over 2 years ago, but she brought so much joy to me and also brought me my love of cats. Without her, I wouldnt have the 2 I have now. And these 2 picked my home, not the other way around.

First is Amber, an orange and white tabby. We found her sleeping our our front porch almost a year ago. At the time, my grandma placed a rule on the house "No pets allowed." But, behind her back, my grandfather and I lured this stray wild cat into the house slowly over time. Letting her get use to being inside. Now in the winter time, she loves inside more than outside. Plus, when she first showed up, she wasn't to big on being around she is a love and hates not seeing one of us.

Second is Ceasar, a pure bred chocolate siamese. Ceasar had a sad life before coming here. His original owner died and the guys mother didnt like nor want a cat so she tossed him outside. So here was this poor siamese cat that had been declawed running around outside for 6 months. When he was finally caught by the ladies owner, he was skin and bones. The lady asked around and my one uncle (this uncle also gave over Samantha) said he would find the cat a home, if not he would keep it. He was going on a vacation so brought Ceasar to my home. By the time my uncle got back a week later, the cat had moved in here and wasn't moving.

Now 5 months later, we are still trying to figure out a way to introduce them. That should go over real well. :)
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